The tide had come in, and I took a walk along Daytona, looking for shells. The sun was out, it was breezy, but warm. Although I found many shells, I didn’t bring any back to the room with me. I was halfway through a difficult chapter, and needed a break. The surf has a calming effect on me, and the salty air felt so good. My character in my book has come to a crisis point, and it’s difficult not to let it effect me. Sometimes I have a hard time separating Jaime from myself. . .The pelicans, which I find very regal were out today, flying in formation over the hotels. I stepped out on my seventh floor deck when I returned, and they flew within 6 feet of me. They eyed me as they flew past, all six of them, wanting to be invited in for dinner, I suppose. They are not getting the Cheez-Its that I just bought in the vending machine! No way!

One thought on “Pelicans

  1. Those gulls were testing your strength. If they are able to get a single Cheeto from you, they will have you pegged as weak for life.

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