Silent Night? Really?

Becky and I took a walk along Daytona Beach early this afternoon. The tide was coming in, and I had to dodge the waves as we walked north along the beach. Becky was barefoot, enjoying the sand under her feet. She didn’t dodge the waves, but enjoyed playing in the surf. She laughed as I tempted the waves with my shoes. The only shoes I have with me. . .We were quite a distance from the hotel, when I heard the tinkling sound of an ice cream truck that does it’s business on the beach. Last summer we saw it several times a day, providing cold treats for the people on holiday enjoying the sand, sun, and surf. More than once, I saw a child lose his ice cream treat to the beach and seagulls. But today, was different. Still warm in December, there are many people on the beach. Not many in the water, mostly walking, enjoying the waves which are large this time of year. Ice cream in December. An interesting concept, I couldn’t help but think about the possibility of eating ice cream on a Washington beach in December. Somehow my mind just couldn’t wrap around it. As we got closer, I noticed that the song issuing from the ice cream truck was not one I heard while I was here during the summer. Indeed. I have never heard this song coming from any ice cream truck. ‘Silent Night.’ Incongruous on many levels, it reminds me to always keep an open mind regarding Christmas for it means so many things to so many people. I’ve wondered different times if it is a holiday worth keeping. As I stare off into the Atlantic, listening to the tinkling notes of one of the most cherished Christmas songs, I must admit a longing to need this holiday. I wish I could believe. . .does that mean that I do?

2 thoughts on “Silent Night? Really?

  1. “Silent Night” on the beach, I can dig it. (Sand in the bed instead of silent nights would be better)
    As far as belief goes, I think we all do it in our own way. Christmas sneaks up on me each year and I’m glad it does. It’s an excuse for many people to not be dicks for a while. Sappy TV shows and heartfelt songs all play their part in it. They allow us to be nice without seeming out of place. We need the rest too. After all once we make our New Year’s resolutions we’ll be digging in our heals again and pulling out our six shooters.

  2. Glad u guys are having fun on the beach. I think if you want to believe then that must mean you do in some way. Jingle bells can rock your world if you let them :-) jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock…..

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