Fai is Found!

I dropped out of sight for awhile, even my friends didn’t see much of me. Renovations. . .
Our 105 year old house needed some repairs and some improvements. Once the carpet was ripped out, it was obvious what the next few months would consist of. Work. Lots of it, and all of it full of dust and chemicals. Ugh. Old linoleum pulled up, old paste scraped up, old paint removed, floors sanded, stained and three coats of finish. Next came the three coats of new paint on the walls. We chose a dark red. This will become our office, and a large writing space for me!!!
Last night we had to disassemble our desks so we could get them in the room. My partners desk is solid oak, built in the beginning of the 1900s. Mine is from the 30’s, made of maple. Creative space begins with atmosphere, and as I sit enjoying my new space, I feel it here. The window looks out onto a busy street in a small town. It’s raining today, and I feel cozy looking out on the wet streets.
From here, I can imagine that I am in a small apartment in Paris, or Moscow, or Seattle.
Slowly, I bring my supplies up from the corner I’d squeezed myself into in my kitchen. For years I have robbed myself of both kitchen and office, ending up with a confusing, distracting mixture of both. Each demanding my attention neither having me wholly.
Our dog, Moxie, lays upon the polished old fir floors, gazing out the window. I wonder where she imagines herself to be?