Research: Jaime’s Car

Porsche Spyder Boxter Jaime Wolffe

For my manuscript, LeMarais, I needed to choose the right car for my main character, Jaime. He has control issues, perfection is paramount, price no object. In my mind, there was only one choice. I had seen one on I-5 one day, and nearly ran into it because I was mesmerized. I stayed along side of it for as long as I could. When he hit 90 I decided to slow down. Absolutely perfect for Jaime. The Porsche Boxster Spyder.

High end surround sound system, manual transmission, adaptive sport seats plus, interior in Carrera red natural leather, roadster top in red, exterior in Basalt Black Metallic, and the Carrera S Wheels in Basalt Black.

Need I say more?