Living in a Reader’s Paradise


One of the biggest thrills of writing, is the moments when I can sit down and enjoy other writer’s work. I just finished a most wonderful book, Night Film, by Marisha Pessl. I couldn’t put it down! Within a few words, the author had me enmeshed in her magnificent description. I was in love with her characters and totally wrapped up in the mystery of the piece. I finished it early Friday morning, and am going through withdrawal. Only a very few books call me back in, but this one I plan on rereading in a few days. It was that good!

At the moment, while my manuscript is being read by three marvelous volunteers, I am taking the time to be a beta reader for a manuscript from a friend and fellow writer. We have swapped manuscripts many times for input. While he reads mine, I will read his. An Aussie, he writes historical fiction, almost always about Australia. Once again, I find myself in a tall ship on my way to Sydney. A convict ship packed tight with other desperate inmates. We have been held for months on the old hulks of ships in England until our transportation date arrives. Cold, wet, seasick. What will happen to me when I reach Sydney? Warren knows, and I will find out as I read.

What a wonderful opportunity! To have a few days to just enjoy reading. A cool breeze comes in through the window. Moxie is on the rug at my feet. Pepe is spread out over my lap, the book balanced on his head. Heaven.