Pepe of Noswad, Public Notice

Pepe romantic

I held off publication yesterday for a good reason. It has come to my attention that the Squirrels of Chaos have moved a small group of members to Snohomish County. Brought on, I suppose, by this very blog, which exposes their evil plans.

Earlier this week my servant was outside, taking the Walking Rug out to the back yard. Shouts of abuse range out from the tree above her. I was watching from my observation perch at the back window. What I saw disturbed me. A large squirrel, in full military Chaos regalia stood on his hind legs on a low branch of the gum tree barely above her head. The things he said to my servant cannot be repeated. I watched as she looked innocently above her. His claws were splayed in a threatening display. His barks were clear. She was to tell me to cease and desist in my revelations of the Chaos plan. His bared, yellow teeth emphasized the intended threat. Our eyes met.

Luckily, she moved out of the way before he struck.

Things are serious. I must make a decision soon. Do I continue to expose their plan of human extinction? Do I come out of retirement to fight yet again? Or do I curl up by the fire and leave my heavy responsibility to the new generation?