Through the Darkness

You stood in the darkness

Arms open wide.

Waiting in the terrifying silence of my soul.

Pain came in loud shrieks,

Shredding the peaceful blue with

Shards of Red! Orange! Black!


Still you stand,

Catching me as I reach out to you.


Hold me! I’m afraid out here on this ledge.

Your eyes locked into mine.

Our souls touching, we walk

Through the burned fields

Of my memories.


Months pass as endless night.

I am cradled in

Acceptance and understanding.


I begin to live again.

Color returns as day dawns.

Black, empty shapes are revealed

To be new, glorious designs.

Life erupts into Joy!


As I turn to watch the colors light your eyes,

Butterflies dance as I realize

The color I see within is



c. 2003, Fai Marie Dawson