Pepe of Noswad and the Squirrels of Chaos, Episode 16: What Do the Cows Say?


Pepe romantic

The next morning we were rudely awakened by a rock being thrown through one of the plate glass windows of the Concrete Palace. A note was tied carelessly over the rock. “Cease and desist. Orion will be held to ensure your compliance.”

The gig was up, the Spy Ring crushed. All information we held was useless until we found where they had moved their operations. To the north was the only clue we had. Bellingham? Canada? There was no way to know. And there was no way to find Orion. We packed up our Files of Chaos, and hid them behind a trap door in the closet in the house. George still entertained us daily with his memories of the past until one day he woke up with a new plan.

He spent the whole day digging a trench to freedom. By afternoon he was gone. For days he spent most of his time away, but he was secretive about what he was doing and where he was going. I could smell a strange smell on him. Perfume.

Creepster and I looked around. The squirrels had vamoosed, the mine was boarded up and the moles had been freed. Molehills littered the lawn and they held loud parties that lasted until morning celebrating their freedom. It didn’t take us long to realize all the information they held were lies. They had been brainwashed, and their small minds were as empty as the candy bowl in the house.

It wasn’t long before we met George’s new sidekick. A purebred standard poodle, that George had broke out of kennel to perform surveillance with. The cows across the road had to be interviewed and spied upon. Fluffy fit into that role perfectly. There was no way the neighbor farmer could mistake Fluffy for a ruffian. Some of the information gathered was useful, some was not. Finding out that the donkey down the street was a lush was amusing, but not pertinent to our investigation. But, the cows were paid well in weed, making them the happiest, most contented cows in the county. They were also the most paranoid.

We were all down at the creek one afternoon when the news reached us. The windows to the north had been broken, the house broken into. We arrived, fearing the worst. The fake wall in the closet had been removed, and all the chaos files confiscated. Someone had informed the thief where to look. I fought the tears back as I realized the informant had probably been one of ours. They had finally broken my brother, Orion.

Stay tuned for Episode 17: A Rainbow Before the Storm