Gnats All Folks

It started with a few gnats.

Like any war, it was an issue of territory. Ownership. And I felt invaded. Gnats were hovering over my fruit bowl. I declared war at 8:30 am on Saturday, October 19, 2013. My life may never be the same.

Once the cleaning began, I couldn’t stop. Everything came to a grinding halt while I applied cleaners, bleach and elbow grease to the task at hand. “My house shall be free of these flying vermin!” I did a victory dance over their still little bodies. I am proceeding through the entire house, rearranging furniture, washing windows. Nothing is immune to the power of my cleaning spray and sponge.

What earthly good are gnats anyway? Little fly wanna-bes. Mosquito impersonators. How many are eaten each year as they sit unnoticed on our bananas and apples? That thought should help with my diet…kind of puts me off food.

The kitchen is sparkling now, it reeks of bleach. I’m actually caught up with my laundry. I haven’t seen a gnat in several…wait. What are they doing in my studio?