Then There’s Spelling

Oh yes. Then there’s spelling.

Someone just pointed out my spelling challenges, and suggested, gently, that I go through my work. Oh no!

I found several, so yes, the qualifying word was ‘rife’ with spelling errors. And so it was. Thank you for the comment; that was a good catch.

However, it got me started thinking about how difficult it is for me to check over my own work. I can edit someone else’s pages quite well, red-penciling, asking questions, helping firm up what they have created with abandon. But not so much with my own. I even have a speller-check available that I can use day or night at my convenience. Yet, still, the little spelling errors creep in and mount up, creating their own havoc with my words.

I have looked through my work and hopefully found many of the mistakes that my reader was snagged on.

I look back over my life, and see many mistakes I’ve made. By lack of attention, willfulness, thoughtlessness, my decisions have been ‘rife’ with errors that are much harder to go back over and correct. No easy edit, highlight and retype. Alas. There is no dictionary, no decision check to know if I got it right.

But still, the days march on, and I am still typing words. Words, as the song says, are all I have. . .