As Lemmings to the Sea



It is said that every time there is a population explosion among lemmings, that the little creatures band together and march to the sea. Once there, they leap from the tallest cliff and commit mass suicide, swimming round and round until they exhaust themselves and drown. I have even seen documentaries that show these depressed little things on their way to the beach to die. As it turns out, this is nothing but a myth. How do I know? tells me so. Ahhhhh. Yet another truly interesting myth dies. Perhaps all of the myths are walking single file to the edge of the cliff as I type this. See them fall into the surf and disappear under the foam. Nevertheless, I have always thought that we, like lemmings follow our leaders mindlessly, without asking where we are going. So for today, a poem about lemmings.

As Lemmings to the Sea

Trying hard to be polite and thoughtful,

So others won’t be uncomfortable.

We carefully hide the best of ourselves

As we march like lemmings to the sea.


We whitewash our hard earned sparkling talents,

Lest we thoughtlessly outshine others.

We conceal our uniqueness within, as

We march like lemmings to the sea.


We go singly, or in pairs, and in groups,

Alone, in commitment, in parties.

We silence ourselves while those louder speak.

Marching lemmings, to the sea.


We are confused about what is best for all,

We believe their countless, blatant lies.

While the rabid rant on, propelling us

Like lemmings to the sea.


Closer, we see the fate of those ahead,

Falling, flailing, landing helplessly

In the seething waves below. Are we but



c.2013, Fai Marie Dawson

An interesting film on Lemmings can be found on YouTube:

Pepe of Noswad, and the Squirrels of Chaos, Episode 1: I Accept my Inevitable Role

Pepe of Noswad, and the Squirrels of Chaos

Episode 1: I accept my inevitable role

I am alone, I know that now. All others are blissfully unaware of their danger, and ignorant of the role I am offered. I could refuse, but I understand the consequences if I don’t succeed. I am no longer a young cat, and I have learned so much in my journey.

The enemy is all around. I hear them ridicule me in their ugly chatter. But I recognize it for the bravado it is. I’ve heard them threaten the squirrelings, “Eat those chestnuts and become strong, or The Fur Dragon of Noswad will eat you while you sleep!” I see the young ones as they learn their battle stances. I see the moves they practice on Moxie, my adopted sibling. Poor beast. She is but a dog. She meekly takes her station daily under the tree and bears the abuse bravely so she might tell me what she learns of their Plan. For this tree, this 100 year old willow is their Headquarters. All their diabolical decisions are made here, and I fear …

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… I fear the repercussions of their plan will reach so far into the future that it will change the evolution of all the planet earth species forever. For this plan is the evil, despicable, hateful plan of the Squirrels of Chaos.

I can’t bear to say this name out loud. Even as a kitten, these flea-bitten creatures were the things of nightmare, myth and horror. Looking back I can see that I was groomed for this role. It was my destiny. Written in the stars, my birth chart foresaw that I was the one chosen. Yes, I must accept. The Fur Dragon of Noswad will never back down. I write this now in the event of something happening to me, and I will hide this missive in the confines of the hallowed shelf within the chimney. By tooth and claw, Pepe

Watch for Episode 2, in which Pepe Reveals the Squirrels of Chaos’ evil Plan: What He Knows.