Please Understand



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On February 14, 2014 I began a new project. Fueled by the thought, “What if,” a plot took shape and soon began filling pages. Weekly I gave Becky those pages to read, and she wanted more. Monthly the pages grew and became a manuscript. In August 2014, the story had completed the course through the outline, and I sent copies to my brave Beta readers. Within a few weeks I began my rewrite and edits.

Now rewrites and edits are different than creative writing, and it takes a different mindset. It becomes a puzzle to find the missing pieces, to carve the manuscript down into something that builds the stage for the reader to see what I saw in my own mind as I wrote it.

Writing is an interesting activity as I invite you into my mind. It brings out serious feelings of insecurity and vulnerability. But the story plays and replays until it is written and shared.

In September I went to an LGBTQ Romance Conference and talked to four publishers about my manuscript. MLR Press offered me a contract four weeks later.

Months of edits, anxiety and excitement followed while further revisions were submitted and reviewed. It was a very interesting process and I was thankful for the editors’ watchful eyes and skills. The completed product is finally ready.

I am happy to announce that MLR Press will release Please Understand tomorrow. YAY! I’m so excited! Celebrate with me, then prepare to read!

More information tomorrow…