The Moxie Parade



Another day, another walk with Moxie. After today, however, I am concerned that our walks will never be the same. Moxie is spoiled forever.

On our walk, a lady and her five-year-old daughter were standing on their front porch. The little girl saw us about a half-block away. I could hear her. “Oh, Mommie! A doggie!” Moxie, of course, insisted on going that way, and stopped on the sidewalk to show off her beautifulness. The girl was almost crying in frustration because she wasn’t wearing shoes, and couldn’t come into the front yard to meet Moxie. Sigh. So Moxie offered to bring her treasured self to the front porch to be admired. The little girl whispered things in Moxie’s ear that Moxie refuses to reveal. The girl placed her face on Moxie’s head. The girl told Moxie that she is the most beautiful dog in the world.


We left, and very slowly made our way home. Moxie posed at every front sidewalk, waiting for the people to open their doors and pay her homage. Unfortunately, no one else had received the announcement of our parade.

We are home now, warming ourselves by the fire. Moxie is still smiling, re-living her glory.

Pooper Scooper Malfunction



I sat down to write my post about an hour ago. I had the outline neatly in mind, I had typed three words. Moxie, my Chow-Chow/Newfie, came and held her nose to my elbow. She does this to get my attention, or to share the moment with me. Her soulful brown eyes looked up into mine. I knew what she wanted. Her morning walk.

We usually go out at nine most mornings, even in the rain. Usually, we both look forward to it. But for the last three months, my knee has given me a lot of pain, and I have to walk so slow that she sometimes loses patience with me. When I get back, especially in this cold, it means sitting in front of the fire with my knee elevated with a heating pad wrapped around my knee. Pepe finds this suited to his needs and lays on top of the heating pad. Within thirty minutes, we are all ready to face the day.

But today I wanted to get this post done. I’m trying to set new and better habits. But Moxie reminded me that the old habits are still in place and shouldn’t be changed. We got all the necessary things together. Coat, phone, leash, pooper scooper bags, shoes. We opened the door and stepped onto the porch in time for the mail carrier.

This is always dicey. I never know for sure exactly how Moxie will greet them. We have had a steady change of carriers over the last couple of years, and Mox doesn’t always recognize the person behind the bag. It makes for interesting confrontations. With her, she judges the person by what they say. If they coo over how beautiful she is, how fluffy, how sweet, the person lives. If they mention the word, ‘fat,’ not so much. Today was great. Much was said about her beautiful fur, her shiny eyes, her great smile. We will receive our mail again tomorrow.

With my knee, I find a walk of twenty-five paces adequate. It is on the twenty-sixth step that my kneecap begins to feel as though it is beginning its journey around to the back of my knee. Going downhill is exceptionally challenging. We were halfway up the hill when she made her first poop deposit, and I stopped to clean up. Beautiful blue bags, so convenient. Further up the block, she stopped for another go. I bent over with a new blue bag and begin to collect. I didn’t notice the piece that rolled onto the sidewalk. Ugh.

When I stepped back, I discovered I had stepped in it, and had brought the whole problem onto the sidewalk. Another blue bag. I used it to gather the mess, and scrape up what I could from the concrete. I didn’t notice that I had worn a hole in the beautiful blue bag until I tied it closed. Another blue bag to hold the broken blue bag. I didn’t notice that I had gotten it all over my hand, until I pulled my hand out of the pocket of my coat. I found a wet patch of grass, and wiped my shoe and my hand as best I could. Now it was all over the leash. And the inside of my pocket.

We made two more stops, then headed home. Coat and leash are in the laundry. Hands scrubbed and disinfected. Moxie praised for being such a good dog.

I sit in front of my computer wondering what I had been so excited to write about. The heating pad is in the microwave, the chair and cat await.